We can’t wait!

We’re going to be publishing Steven T. Seagle and Teddy Kristiansen’s graphic novel Genius this July.  It’s full of, well, geniuses, and also ethical struggle and a lot of really great art on top of that.

We’ve just gotten in the final books.

Here’s the cover.  And yes, that’s Einstein in the background.  Can you not see him?  Pretend it’s like Highlights hidden pictures and try again!


Here’s the back cover, again with Einstein.  (He’s going to be kind of a theme in this book, in case you couldn’t tell.)


Here’s the spine — it’s got an atom on the bottom around the :01 logo.  So cool!


And here’s the perspective from the other side.  This book even looks good on a slant!


Here’s the front flap — with the vital question, ‘what does it mean to be a genius?’  You will find out in this book!


And the back flap and the page of indicia.  Wondering if Steven or Teddy thanked you in this book?  You can find out now!


Here’s where the story begins.


Teddy’s art is really super — here’s a sample page.  It looks even better in person!


And here’s one of my favorite panels from this book — because who doesn’t love Einstein, especially when he’s full of atoms?