If you’re in the mood for something serious, you definitely need to check out Loic Dauvillier, Marc Lizano, and Greg Salsedo’s book about a very young girl dealing with the Holocaust — Hidden.

We just got advance copies of this in the office, and let me tell you — it looks amazing.  (Also let me tell you — our editor had a very difficult time trying to get this book copy-edited, because no matter how many times she had to read it to check changes, it was still heart-wrenching.)


Here is the cover of the book.  This is Dounia, our main character.


And the back cover — where a parent is pulling a child away from Dounia because of the Jewish star she’s now forced to wear!


Spines!  This book is a jacketed hardcover.


Here’s the front flap.  (Yes, it has blue line-art, but the inside of the book is all full-color).


And the back flap.


And some insides!  The whole book is told with the frame story of Dounia (now an adult) telling her granddaughter about this experience of living through the Holocaust, which she hasn’t ever shared with anyone.  So we’ve got old!Dounia on the left with her granddaughter, and young!Dounia on the right.



Hidden will be in stores in April.  It is hard to wait for this one!