John Patrick Green’s graphic novel for kids Hippopotamister will be coming your way in May, and it’s going to be great!

The book is about a hippopotamus who leaves the zoo (with his friend the red panda) to find a job in the world of the humans and become (with the aid of an assortment of hats) Hippopotamister, an exciting human-and-hippopotamus combo.

Here’s the cover!  My favorite part: the first ‘i’ has a hippo head above it — and the second ‘i’ has a hat!  So great.  There’s also a pretty wonderful hippo on it, too.


And the spine!


Here’s a close-up of Hippopotamister from the bottom of the spine.  He’s super-adorable!


This graphic novel has a surprise for you on the case under the jacket!  (And what could be on the back?)


It also has awesome zoo endpapers.


Hippopotamister is a graphic novel for very young readers — kids who are just transitioning between picture books and early readers.  So it has a lot of big panels and easy-to-read dialogue!


(And also, adorable animals!)


Here’s the back cover!  Will you see our protagonist trying out all of these careers in the book?  Yes you will!


We’re looking forward to May already!  That’s your chance to check out your local bookstore or library for this wonderful graphic novel.