New book new book!

We’re very excited about Cory Doctorow and Jen Wang’s upcoming graphic novel In Real Life, and we just got in super-advance air-freighted-to-the-US copies.  It looks marvelous.  Cory and Jen are so talented!

This book is about a girl, Anda, who plays video games.  It’s a bit of an escape from ‘real life’ for her, until she discovers that some of the world’s problems exist in the sphere of gaming.  And then she has to figure out what to do about them.

I love this cover!

(And look — it’s got a quote from Felicia Day on it!  I’m super-excited about that.)

photo a

Here is the spine!  It has a girl with an axe, which is always a good thing.

photo 1

The back cover has a tiger!

photo q

Here’s the inside front cover, with the flap (adorable), and the title page (clever)!

photo w

In the book, Anda has a ‘real life’ and an online life.  The two of them are drawn in different color palettes, because Jen Wang is just awesome like that.

Here’s a page from Anda’s ‘real life.’

photo t

And a page from her online life!  Because real life doesn’t have giant lions.

photo y

Here’s the inside back cover and flap.  Much delightful copyright information occurs!  As do author bios.

photo r

And here are all the spines lined up together!  This book looks so good, you guys.

photo 2

In Real Life is on sale in October.  We can’t wait!  This graphic novel is so gorgeous.