We just got in finished copies of Jerusalem, by Boaz Yakin and Nick Bertozzi.  It looks super!

Are you feeling burnt out on graphic novels about Jerusalem?  No fear!  While this is indeed a graphic novel about that same physical location, it covers a very different period — from 1940 – 1948.  This is a story full of chaos and war and nation-making, told through the lens of a single family.

Book pictures!

Here’s the cover.  I love the contrast of the yellow and the grey — and there’s spot gloss on the yellow, which just makes it stand out more in person!


Here’s the cover again, from the side.  Because it’s just so attractive.


Spines!  This book’s got a very striking spine; who would not want a pile of these in their home/office/store to emphasize just how passionately invested they are in Jerusalem?  No one, that’s who.


Here’s the front flap.  Because the cover of this book is so dark, we put white endpapers on it to lighten it up a little.


Hesitant about picking up this book because you’re not sure that you have the historical background to read it?  Think again!  This book includes lots of helpful information like an introduction (not pictured) and maps that pinpoint the actual locations the book takes place in.


And it’s got a family tree!  Who doesn’t love family trees?


Here’s one of the chapter-openers for the book — the very first one, in fact!


And — what you’ve all been waiting for — the book’s insides!  Plus, an explosion.  Who doesn’t love explosions?


Here’s another interior page, which coincidentally also has explosions in it.  It’s possible that this book is just full of explosions.


Here’s the back flap, with the author bios.


Back cover quote, from Etgar Keret!  It’s a really lovely quote.


Here’s a peek at the book case, inside the jacket — the lettering on the spine is done in gold foil.


Jerusalem comes out this April.  It’s a very powerful book about an important subject; not one to miss!