New book!

We just got in finished air-freighted advance copies of Ben Hatke’s delightful picture book comic, Julia’s House for Lost Creatures.  It’s full of magical creatures and a house that lives on the back of a turtle and a small and very determined girl with red hair.

Ben did all the art for Julia’ House for Lost Creatures in watercolor, and it looks delightfully Miyazaki-esque.


The spine has the adorable patchwork cat walking up it!  Things do not get much better than this, ever.


This picture book comic is a jacketed hardcover, so it’s got flaps!  It’s also got a mysterious creature on the inside front cover (or part of a mysterious creature).


This is just awesome!  It makes me think of Miss Rumphius, which was one of my favorite books as a kid.  Waves!  Houses by the sea!  Making the world a better place!


Here is Julia, inviting all the lost creatures into her house by way of descriptive signage.  (Presumably these were the days when there was not social media for this sort of thing.)


And the inside back cover . . . again with a mysterious creature, and with a robot!  It is possible that magic and science live in harmony in this book.


And the back cover, which has a troll!  I am not sure of my opinion of trolls as the best house guests.  I guess Julia will have to see. . . .


Julia’s House for Lost Creatures comes out in September.  Wer’e super-excited!  This book is lovely.