May 4, 2015
Posted by: Gina Gagliano
Categories: Books

We’re delighted to have early copies of Ben Hatke’s marvelous latest graphic novel, Little Robot, in the office!  They look fantastic; this book is going to be so good, you guys.

This book is the story of a small girl and a robot who become friends.  There is also a cat (as pictured on this cover).


The spine has a tiny robot on it!  So awesome.  (So much about this book is awesome.)


Here are a lot of spines together.  Look at those robots all lined up!


Here’s the front flap — along with the endpapers.  I love the subtle circuitry pattern on the endpaper background!


And the half-title page!  With a little bolt!


This book has so many lovely and delightful little touches.


Most charming dedication!


Here’s a page from the interior.  It features the girl, our protagonist!


And here’s a page that includes both the girl and the robot!  They are becoming friends (with reluctant cat in tow).


Here’s the inside back cover, with the back flap (which includes the most robotic author image we have seen yet)!


And the back cover — populated by yet more robots!


Little Robot will be in stores in September.  We’re so excited to share this amazing book with you then!

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