We’re delighted to have early copies of Ben Hatke’s marvelous latest graphic novel, Little Robot, in the office!  They look fantastic; this book is going to be so good, you guys.

This book is the story of a small girl and a robot who become friends.  There is also a cat (as pictured on this cover).


The spine has a tiny robot on it!  So awesome.  (So much about this book is awesome.)


Here are a lot of spines together.  Look at those robots all lined up!


Here’s the front flap — along with the endpapers.  I love the subtle circuitry pattern on the endpaper background!


And the half-title page!  With a little bolt!


This book has so many lovely and delightful little touches.


Most charming dedication!


Here’s a page from the interior.  It features the girl, our protagonist!