Back in 2011, we published a great book by Nick Bertozzi called Lewis & Clark that revealed to the world that Explorer Lewis had parents with the poor taste to name him ‘Meriwether’ (what were they thinking?).

Because the explorations don’t end with the American West, we have a new book of explorations by Nick Bertozzi — this time taking on Ernest Shackleton’s expedition to the Antarctic.  And we’re publishing it just in time for the 100th anniversary of that expedition, which will be this August.

It is called Shackleton!

Here is Shackleton himself.  He is pictured in the Antarctic!  It’s like all the parts of the book — together in one image!  (Bravo, cover designers!)

Shackleton_Books 004

And here’s the spine.  You can see it has title, author name, logo, and icebergs!

Shackleton_Books 011

Here are a number of copies of the books with the spines all together.  I love this white-blue-orange color choice.

Shackleton_Books 001

Here is the back cover, which has on it praise for both of Nick’s books of explorations.

Shackleton_Books 005

And a close-up on the Shackleton praise!  Somehow, Nick got Ernest Shackleton’s granddaughter to read and review this book!  How cool is that?!

Shackleton_Books 006

Front flaps!  This book has a special added feature you don’t see on all of our books, which is that we printed on the inside front (and back) cover — diagrams of Shackleton’s ships!  That’s pretty great.  Also the flap has a map of Antarctica, for all your traveling needs!

Shackleton_Books 007

Here’s the back flap (and the copyright page), which has tall ships!  Author bios!  Designer credits that my hand is on top of!

And you can see that the inside back cover has more ships, which is pretty great.  Yay that.

Shackleton_Books 008

Inside the book, there are lots of things, and one of them that I think is pretty cool is the crew list for the Endurance (which is the ship Shackleton traveled to Antarctica in).  It turns out that Shackleton took a lot of people (and some dogs) with him, and Nick draws all their portraits!

Shackleton_Books 009

Also a major feature of this book: snow.  I’m so glad that we’re publishing it in the summer when we’ll be able to stand it!

Shackleton_Books 010

Shackleton is on sale in June.  Celebrate the 100th anniversary of this fantastic expedition with us!