January 9, 2013
Posted by: Gina Gagliano
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New book new book!

We spend some time being excited every time we get a new book in, because they’re all so attractive and captivating (and we spent so much time working to make sure that happens!).

This week, we just got in Cecil Castellucci and Sara Varon’s Odd Duck, which is a story about being different.  It’s full of ducks (the title is not exclusively a metaphor) and mango salsa and stars and bicycling and not flying south for the winter.


Here is the cover.  It is very attractive!  There are many ducks on it.

Here is the cover again, from a different angle.  Because we thought it was just that interesting.  (From this angle, you can see this book has insides!  That is an exciting thing for us.)

Spine!  The book has ducks on the spine (possibly, at this point, to no one’s surprise).

Odd Duck is a jacketed hardcover, which means that the pictures above are showing you not the real cover of the book, but the jacket.  Here’s the actual book cover that’s underneath that.  (Guess what?  Ducks.)

This book has a front flap (which tells what the book is about) and also, adorable two-color endpapers!  It is exceedingly attractive.

Also the book has: a title page.  The title lives there.

Here is the bedroom of one of the ducks in the book.  I bet you did not know that ducks have socks.

Here’s another interior page of the book, with ducks!  And cake!  And scarves!  And mysterious sculpture!

Here’s the back flap (and the concluding endpapers).

I don’t know if I would like to have glasses if I was a duck; they don’t seem to have usefully positioned ears to hold them up properly.  Something to think about if you’re considering becoming a duck.

And here’s the back cover.  Another feature of this book: tea!

Odd Duck comes out in May; we can’t wait!

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  • Marjorie Taylor | July 23rd, 2014 2:55 pm

    This book is awesome – so clever, well written, subtle message, and fun! Love the illustrations, also, which perfectly capture the spirit of the book. A must-read again and again! I do preschool outreach at our library and at first glanced at this book and realized it wouldn’t apply to my age group of children; but then I read it anyway cover to cover several times, as well as creating questions for our Battle of the Books program (grades 4-6). I really admire your creativity, genuinely like this book, and look forward to more!

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