James Kochalka’s wonderful, brightly-colored, silliness-positive Glorkian Warrior trilogy comes to an end this winter, with The Glorkian Warrior and the Mustache of Destiny.  It features . . . a mustache!  And also some children.  (And coffee.)

I love how bright and fun the colors of this book are!  It just looks so inviting.


We’re publishing two simultaneous editions — paperback and hardcover — for double your brightly-colored, silly reading entertainment!


This book is so attractive.


And the spine has tiny Glorkian Warriors with even-tinier mustaches!


Just look at that mustache!  It is clearly a mustache of destiny.


Here are the aforementioned kids that the Glorkian Warrior must deal with.  As usual, he is completely unprepared.


Kids!  They’re on the back cover, too.


This book is going to be fantastic!  We can’t wait for you to read it in March, when it’ll be coming your way.