We’re putting out a brightly-colored, pizza-filled graphic novel by James Kochalka called The Glorkian Warrior Delivers a Pizza, and you guys, it’s crazy and awesome and filled with outer-space adventures.

We just got the super-advance air-freighted books in from the printer, and they look great!  And brightly colored!  And full of pizza!

You may be able to tell from this cover that the Glorkian Warrior isn’t actually very good at delivering pizza.

(Also!  If you haven’t headed over to tor.com to look at their cover reveal for this book, you should!  It includes some of James’ process thumbnails from the book.)

Glorkian Warrior_AdvanceBooks_FrontCover

Here is the back cover (complete with quote from Pen Ward)!

(I should note that in this book, the pizza turns out to be a steering wheel, clams, and motor oil pizza [and is frequently crushed or set on fire, as in this picture], so if it actually makes you hungry, you are probably very strange.)


This is the spine of the book!  It also has some pizza that is on fire on it.


Many books together!  They’re so colorful.


Here are some of the insides!



We’re putting out both a hardcover and a paper over board edition of this book — here are the two of them together.

They’re so attractive!


The Glorkian Warrior Delivers a Pizza comes out in March.  It’s going to be great!