You guys!

We’re pretty excited to be publishing Scott McCloud.  He’s Scott McCloud!

And I’m proud to say that we just got advance copies of his upcoming graphic novel in the office, and they look fantastic.

Here are pictures!

The book’s cover — with a girl coming out of the wall!  And a quote from Neil Gaiman!


And here’s the spine.  This book is giant, you guys.  It is very large.


You can especially tell this from looking at all the spines lined up!


The Sculptor is a jacketed hardcover.  So we printed on the case of the book (the part attached to the cardboard covers) in blue!


(There’s also an image on the back,, but we’ll leave that as a surprise.)

Here’s the front flap.


This book is black and white and a blue pantone.  Here’s an interior page where you can see that.


And another interior page with actual sculpture!


Here’s the back flap — with New York City on the bottom.  The city’s a big part of the story.


And the back cover!  (I love the street/calendar.)


The Sculptor will be in stores in February.  You have to read it!