New book new book!

We just got in advance copies of Gene Luen Yang and Sonny Liew’s upcoming graphic novel The Shadow Hero.  This book is going to be really great, you guys!  (You may know that already if you’ve already read the first e-issue that went on sale last week.)


Here is the cover!  It is the Green Turtle — the hero of this book.  He has the powers of the turtle!

TheGreenTurtle_Books 001

And here’s the spine.  It has many turtles.  (Adorable!)

TheGreenTurtle_Books 002

And the back cover (again with the turtles)!  This book is a different size than our typical 6 x 8 1/2 trim — it’s a bit taller, to match the format of the traditional superhero comic.

TheGreenTurtle_Books 003

Interiors!  Sonny Liew did a fantastic job on the art for this book — it’s gorgeous.

TheGreenTurtle_Books 004

And here’s an interior where the Green Turtle (aka Hank) first gets a costume!

TheGreenTurtle_Books 005

The Shadow Hero is inspired by a comic from the forties called ‘The Green Turtle,’ which (possibly) featured the first ever Asian-American superhero.  So we included some of that comic in the back of this one!  Just FYI — if you didn’t know, comics from the forties were crazy.

TheGreenTurtle_Books 006

The Shadow Hero will be in stores in July, and until then, it’ll be released in e-issues, one per month!  You can find those here.