“If you haven’t read any of Danica Novgorodoff books, you’re missing out on some of the best graphic novels of the last few years,” said USA Today, when they did the book announcement for this book. And it is true!

This new book, The Undertaking of Lily Chen (which is about ghost marriages in China) is something especially special, and we can’t wait to share it with you (when it comes out in, um, March, which sounds far away right now but will presumably be here before you know it unless there’s an apocalypse in the meantime).

We just got finished advance copies air-freighted over from the printer, and they look marvelous!  Here are some pictures.

Here is the front cover!  Note how it is a skull.  And also a landscape!  Also: watercolors.


And the back cover (with delightful quotes from people like Brian Selznick)!  Clearly this book is something special.


Here is the spine!

Did I mention that this book is 432 pages long?  This book is _four hundred and thirty two pages_ long.  It’s very long.  And also heavy.  You’re going to want to set aside some time to read it.


And here are some of the spines together.  You guys, this book is super-giant.  And also super-attractive.


Front flap!  Here is the very beginning of the book.  It has a bride on it.


And the back flap — the very end of the book.  This flap has a groom on it.


And some interior pages!  These are done in ink with watercolor colors.



The Undertaking of Lily Chen comes out in March.  We can’t wait!