We’ve been fans of Aron Steinke’s for quite a few years here at First Second, so we’re thrilled to finally have the opportunity to publish a book with him and his wife, Ariel Cohn.

Therefore, The Zoo Box!

We just got in advance copies of this charming and brightly colored book, so there are pictures!  You’re going to love it.

Cover!  The Zoo Box is a jacketed hardcover book, so this is the front jacket cover.


Here’s the spine.  It is striped!

This book is pretty short — 48 pages — so you can see a bit of the back cover in this shot as well.


Then!  The case cover.

The case is the part of the book that is actually attached to the hardcover book.  It’s generally a piece of paper that’s glued to the cardboard cover stock.  Sometimes people make these identical to the jacket; sometimes, they’re very different.

It’s like a game of ‘spot the difference’!


Here’s the front flap and the endpapers.

The endpapers for The Zoo Box are a paste-down (they’re pasted to the cardboard case) and they are delightfully striped!

This book looks so good, you guys.  These pictures are not doing it justice.


Here is an image of the interior!  What do you think will happen to these two charming children when their parents leave them home alone?

I predict: trouble!


And another image of the interior!  You can see where the image on the case came from.


Here’s the back flap, and the back endpapers of the books.  They are still charmingly stripey!


And the back cover!

Exciting things are afoot in this box.  It emits penguins!


The Zoo Box will be in stores in September.