New book new book!

We just got in super-advance copies of Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki’s upcoming graphic novel This One Summer, and you guys, they look amazing.


Here is the cover.  Look how it is being summer!  If it wasn’t freezing here in New York and we didn’t have snow and ice everywhere, I’d want to jump into that water too.


And here’s the back cover.  Many people like this book!  It’s like it’s been pre-approved for you.


And here is the spine: summer now comes with bicycling!  And milkweed seeds.


Lots of spines all in a row!  This book is 320 pages long, you guys!


The inside front cover and the front flap.


And the inside back cover and the back flap, with lots of small collected objects from the beach.


This book also has insides, which you might have expected!  What is especially cool about the insides of This One Summer is that instead of printing them in color or in black and white, they’re actually printed in a pantone color — in this case, dark blue.  So everything in this book is actually blue!


That may sound crazy, but it looks amazing.


This One