January 27, 2016
Posted by: Gina Gagliano
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We’re delighted to share with you the books we just got in the office — copies of our all-new series Science Comics!  The goal of this series is to create graphic novels about science that are fun and accessible while explaining about how cool parts of our world around us work.  We can’t wait to share these books with you!

The first two volumes of the series are Coral Reefs, by Maris Wicks, and Dinosaurs, by MK Reed and Joe Flood.  And here are pictures!

Don’t those covers look amazing?  You want to learn about dinosaurs and coral reefs now, right?  Or rather — you already wanted to learn about dinosaurs and coral reefs and now you have a fun and exciting way to do it!


Here are our spines!


Complete with dinosaur and fish!


Each book will have an introduction by an expert in the book’s scientific topic.  (Octopus inclusion may vary.)  The books will also have a bibliography and additional reading recommendations at the end.


And then they’ll be full of brightly colored, information-filled artwork (like this spread from Maris Wicks’ Coral Reefs)!


Or this spread from MK Reed and Joe Flood’s Dinosaurs (complete with dinosaur digestion)!

FullSizeRender (11)

Also: skeletons!  Really, how can you resist?


Excited for more Science Comics?  We are too!


The end (with fun facts)!


These two books will be in stores in April!  And we’ll have a special Free Comic Book Day Science Comics pamphlet comic for you as well — we can’t wait!

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