Today’s the day that the first e-issue of Gene Luen Yang and Sonny Liew’s story about the first Asian-American superhero, The Shadow Hero, comes out — ‘The Shadow Hero: The Green Turtle Chronicles.’

This book is really super!  We hope you check it out — either in e-issues now, or when it comes out as a book in July.

:01 Senior Editor Calista Brill says:

“With American Born Chinese, Gene Luen Yang changed the landscape of conversation about the Asian-American and immigrant experience in modern America. Now, with The Shadow Hero, Yang is tackling the Asian American story in the context of that most American of art forms: the super hero comic. This is the story of a young Chinese-American man who honors his Chinese heritage by donning a cape and fighting crime—and it’s one of the smartest, funniest, and most inventive stories First Second has ever published.”

And we also have Sonny Liew’s preliminary cover sketch to show off!  Here’s what the first concept for the cover looked like:


And here’s how the cover actually ended up!


‘The Shadow Hero: The Green Turtle Chronicles’ is on sale today as an e-issue from Amazon, Apple, and B&N!