for your holiday reading pleasure!

From :01 Senior Editor Calista Brill


(photo from Boing Boing — thanks, guys!)

“For comfort reading over the holidays I recommend Fantagraphics’ Complete Carl Barks Library. It’s hard to be a scrooge when you’re curled up with Uncle Scrooge. Ouch! I used to have a subscription to Uncle Scrooge comics when I was a kid and I still maintain that Barks and his eminently worthy successor Rosa have made some of the best comics the world has ever seen.”

From :01 Designer Colleen AF Venable


Holiday crowds driving you half crazy? Family making sure you get the rest of the way there? A Game for Swallows is a perfect holiday read to remind you just how amazing family and neighbors can be. Trapped inside during a bombing in Beirut, the residents of one apartment building join together to comfort two children whose parents weren’t home when the bombing started. The art is gorgeous and the story will hit you in the gut so hard, you might even smile at your neighbors. Even the particularly bah-humbug-ish ones.

From :01 Marketing & Publicity Manager Gina Gagliano


“The perfect holiday story is a family story, right?  If you’re in comics, that means Hopeless Savages!  Who does not love this charming, mixed-up family of two ex-rockstars and their non-conforming kids, who (of course) have a difficult time fitting in at their local schools, while having to deal with problems like television retrospectives! ninjas! and kidnapping! all in the name of family togetherness and growing up.  This book is really wonderful, you guys.”