Meet Dave Roman, editor of History Comics and Science Comics!


What initially drew you to comics?

I was always interested in anything remotely connected to cartoons…so any book that had a cartoon on the cover would immediately catch my eye. Like so many other kids, I found that the most wonderful thing about comics is how they inspire you to make your own…and it’s pretty easy to jump in! I’ve been very lucky to be able to tell my own stories as an author and also work as an editor, with some of the most creative writers and artists in comics.

What sets History Comics apart from Science comics? Was there a difference in how you approached them?

It was essential to find diverse creators who could speak passionately and, in some cases, personally about the subject matter. With History Comics there is a greater opportunity to not only teach by way of explaining but also through empathy. A powerful true story can pull readers in and help them to understand not only WHAT people did and WHEN but more importantly WHY. These books ask readers to imagine what it must have been like to live these lives and truly be present in these world-shaking moments. There’s no strict format, so the creators have a lot of freedom with how they decide to tackle the material. History Comics is often pushing the boundaries of what can be categorized as non-fiction! Every author is bringing something different to the table, all in the name of great storytelling!

As a student of history and in light of current events, why do you think it’s important to write about historical events?

History (when told in a dynamic way) shows us that we are not disconnected from the past. With the History Comics series, our focus is to show how history isn’t just made by kings and generals, but often by everyday people who ultimately stand up and become a voice for something larger than themselves. Engaging with our history is essential to helping us break the cycles of oppression and fear. And it’s important to show kids their potential as actors in history too!