Why Sketch?

[From the Drawing Board of Nick Abadzis] A cartoonist friend of mine once told me about another cartoonist friend of his who sneered at the idea of spending time doing life drawing. This isn’t from the horse’s mouth, you understand, so it could be a wind-up, as I have difficulty imagining a cartoonist who would [...]

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LAIKA: making-of site

Have a look-see: Nick Abadzis calls this gem a 'micro site' dedicated to the making of his LAIKA. Well worth a visit, it's a beauty! It's an online version of the slideshow talk he gave at various venues last October and November when Laika came out.  http://www.nickabadzis.com/laika/ "a luminous masterpiece filled with pathos and poignancy"—Kirkus [...]

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The Formation of Stories

From the drawing board of Nick Abadzis “Where do you get your ideas from?” This is supposedly the dumbest question a person could ask a storyteller – a cartoonist, a writer, a performance artist or whatever. But it’s a question that hints at the cluelessness any storyteller faces at the beginning of the creation of [...]

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