August 20, 2010
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"In these pages, the author has endeavored to paint that species of noisy, frolicsome, mischievous children which is now almost extinct, wishing to preserve a sort of fabulous remembrance of days long past, when young people were like wild horses on the prairies; rather than like well-broken hacks on the road; and when, amid many Read the Rest…

February 23, 2010
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When she’s not designing books for First Second, Colleen Venable’s secret lives include being an author. This first in a delicious new series, HAMSTER and CHEESE introduces a new Private Eye to reckon with: a guinea pig named Sasspants and the case of the stolen sandwich.

Every so often, we’ve got to post some of these things that come in. This just in from somewhere in Virginia… and this reply from Emmanuel Guibert, the very next morning:

Jane in California wrote to us, asking us to tell Emmanuel Guibert that she loves the Sardine books and to please hurry up and make her a movie too. We passed on the message. And here’s what Emmanuel sent back: And Jane was thrilled: … and when she found out Emmanuel lived in Paris she Read the Rest…

April 14, 2006
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Another must-have picture book, all in wordless panels: a wild tale set in and around the Globe theater — hey Booksellers, Librarians, Homemakers, Collectors, here’s another treasure to help raise the next generation of graphic novel readers! From Roaring Brook Press/Neal Porter books:

Hm. Shall I shamelessly exploit this new YOUNG READERS CORNER for purposes of ignoble self promotion? Why of course! SEADOGS, An Epic Ocean Operetta was my first comics entry into the world of picture books. The script is by beloved author Lisa Wheeler, and was my first project with one of the greatest living editors Read the Rest…

Hey there! Here’s a new category in the :01 blog: YOUNG READERS CORNER! Brought on by popular demand, from the many librarians, booksellers, educators and parents begging for a list of “graphic novels’ for ages 6 and up… So YOUNG READERS CORNER will include highly recommended quality comics, and before long, it should be VERY Read the Rest…