March 20, 2006
Posted by: Mark Siegel
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I drew this girl in a bar in NYC called Angels’ Share. They make the best gin martinis I’ve ever tasted. I had one, just by my hand as I quickly brushed this onto the sketchbook paper. She was watching me; she knew I was drawing her. I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable or anything – she was with two other people – she just had a great way about her and I wanted to capture it. I think I did. It’s not the greatest drawing I’ve ever done, by any means, but it looks like her. It reminds me of this one particular person who I’ll never know; one of those fleeting backgound personalities who populate the cityscapes of the world; those who are so transient in my existence – and yet she gave me this. Well, I guess I took it, but she didn’t protest. I wouldn’t have minded if she’d have whipped out a sketchbook and done a quick doodle of me. And, as it happens, this drawing reminds me of the taste of that gin martini too.

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