August 23, 2012
Posted by: Gina Gagliano
Categories: Behind the Scenes

(photo ganked from the Smithsonian Institution; Annie Jump Cannon doesn’t actually work here — we wish!  But it would probably be a waste of her astronomy-related skills)

Hey guys!

In the past few months, since we’ve been talking more about our submissions process on our blog and on twitter, we’ve noticed that we’ve been getting more projects submitted to us in ways that are helpful to us — people e-mailing acknowledging that they know who we are and that they want to submit us something in an area that we’ve said we’d be interested in!

So we wanted to drop all you blog-readers a quick note to say thank you; we really appreciate everyone taking the time to learn about us and about our submission guidelines before sending us projects.  It makes us feel great that you seem to feel that we’re worth the time it takes to do your submissions right!

Thanks, guys.

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