August 6, 2012
Posted by: Gina Gagliano
Categories: Behind the Scenes

From the desk of Zack Giallongo, the author of Broxo

Last week, I presented my thoughts on how I draw Broxo, the wiry boy barbarian. This week is the yin to his yang, Zora. From the start, I didn’t want Zora to be a shy princess or a weak damsel in distress. Zora is tough and determined — although she does have her flaws, of which there are plenty. Physically, I also wanted to present a girl who was broad and sturdy and a contrast to Broxo’s more delicate frame. Zora can both take and deliver a punch!

Unlike Broxo, Zora is a very modern and cosmopolitan barbarian and her dress and features had to reflect that. While cultured, she is also a trained fighter and an athletic person. She probably outweighs Broxo, but don’t make a big deal out of that to her face.

From the neck up:

A. Zora’s hair is thick and bushy, but well kept. She IS a princess.
B. Larger pupils with thicker eyebrows. She is warm (sometimes) and intelligent.
C. Pointed, ski-jump nose.
D. Ponytail shows she is of noble birth.
E. Wings show that she is both a warrior and a noble in her clan.


A. This isn’t ripped clothing, but a specific pattern. Since she comes from civilization, her clothes are not merely utilitarian.
B. Same for her scoop-patterned cloak.
C. Fingerless gauntlets. Useful in archery, but also looks like armsocks that some modern teenage girls sometimes wear.
D. Thick, athletic legs. Zora is strong and powerful with the physique like a field hockey player.
E. Layered fur-wrapped boots for both winter and summer fashions!

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