January 22, 2007
Posted by: Matthew Herzfeld
Categories: NICK ABADZIS, guest blogger

I was in the final stages of serious deadline fever for Laika when The Independent on Sunday, a national UK newspaper, called. They were doing a comics special and all their usual features were to be illustrated by cartoonists instead of the usual photography. They needed a quick turnaround, but it wasn’t like I had any spare time anyway so we agreed I’d do the job in one day. I was assigned ‘Food and Drink’ and accompanied an esteemed chef, Skye Gyngell and her food buyer Wendy down to a cookery school in Sussex where they cooked with one of their culinary heroines, the legendary Rose Gray. I filled a sketchbook and when I got home, scanned the best drawings and coloured them for the feature.

In a way, I fulfilled the same role a photographer usually would, but I didn’t have time to distill the resulting images into a coherent story of any sort. It was a different sort of illustration and approach from the kind I usually take, but fun to do. Plus I got to eat some amazing food. Here, then, are some drawings from that day…





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