Life Sucks (for those of you just joining us here) was a book that we published in 2008: it's by Jessica Abel, Gabe Soria, and Warren Pleece, and it's a vampire story.  It's a vampire story about a vampire twenty-something who is eternally stuck working at a convenience store. 

That's kind of awesome.

Apparently, China thinks that is kind of awesome, too, because last week we got an e-mail from the people at the Panda Award (given by their libraries of international schools in China) to let us know that Life Sucks is their winner in the mature readers category this year. 


Apparently, instead of giving people a plaque or a statue or even a brick, the Panda Awards give people who win their award a scroll!  With hand-drawn pandas on it!  I personally vote for this strategy of making adorability a component in all physical awards.