(some books on our office bookshelf currently)

As a publisher, we’re here to tell you that publishers are big fans of books.  Everyone who works in publishing loves books — and loves reading.

To aspiring authors, there are a lot of times when ‘publishing’ can seem like some sort of crazy black-box monolith with no entryway.  But I’m here today to tell you that all the people who work in publishing work in publishing specifically because they have a great love of books in their lives.  We are all people, and we are all people who love and care about books.

So that’s an initial point of commonality — to build on in query letters, over twitter or tumblr or facebook, etc.

We share books that we’re reading on Twitter and on Goodreads; sometimes we get tweets or e-mails in response saying, ‘Wow, you guys read so much!’

Indeed we do — besides publishing books, reading books is one of the main activities of publishers.  We read because we want to know what the market looks like, because we want to check out colleagues’ work, and most of all, because we think books are marvelous, amazing things and we love them.

And we hope you love books, too.