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Publishers Want to Publish Books

(here is a photo of my bookshelf at the present time, which is actually a moderately reasonable representation of our publishing, though of course many books are omitted for purposes of being on the bottom of the bookshelf behind some boxes) Publishers really want to publish books.  It's practically the whole reason for our existence.  [...]

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Negative Reviews

(my Fall 2015 review copy shelf right now) Sometimes the books we publish aren't everyone's cup of tea. That's something we're actually pretty okay with.  We publish a whole bunch of books, over a number of different age levels and genres, addressing lots of different subject matter.  If you are a person who likes both [...]

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Win Friends and Influence People . . . at Conventions!

(from this year's MoCCA Festival!) We're at the beginning of this year's indie/small press convention season, so: it is time for some convention-ing advice! It can be very difficult to go from 'aspiring young cartoonist' to 'person who is fully engaged in the industry who knows everyone and has lots of friends and connections.'  But [...]

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