One of my favorite things about NYCC is the fact that so many people come up to our booth and say things like, ‘I heard about your book on NPR‘ or ‘I saw this book in the New York Times.’  Things that mean that the people we’re see are really readers of books!  I think that’s awesome.

We had some great news to start off the show with two books on the New York Times Best-Seller List (congratulations, Zack and Mark!) which carried us through four exhausting days of life at the Javits Center (now with much less mold, so that’s a good thing, too).

You can’t see our booth in this picture — it’s about a block over to the right.  This was taken on Sunday afternoon, when there were about half as many people as came on Friday and Saturday.  No, I’m not exaggerating.

Here is our booth!  People came to it.

We celebrated our good news for Broxo with an explanatory sign.

And another one for Sailor Twain.

Then we had many authors come to sign!  Including:

Dave Roman

George O’Connor

Mark Siegel

Mike Cavallaro