We didn’t win the National Book Award — alas! — but there’s always next time.

(How awesome is it that enough graphic novels have been nominated for the National Book Award that we can actually say with reasonable certainty, ‘next time,’ because there will undoubtedly be one?  I think that’s pretty awesome.)

Here are some pictures from the award ceremony!

The ceremony was held at Cipriani, which is like a cross between a club (in the traditional British sense of the word) and the Parthenon.  Here’s what the room looked like from the balcony (yes, there was a balcony).


Here’s Gene on the red carpet before the awards started.  (Yes, there’s a red carpet.  It’s apparently a new thing.)


Lark Pien, the colorist of Boxers & Saints, came out for the award ceremony.  Also in this picture: you can see that Gene is wearing his medal (which all the finalists get even if they don’t win)!


And here’s Gene and his wife Theresa.


When we sat down to dinner, everyone had books on their table as the centerpiece — of course fitting, because it is the National _Book_ Awards!  Here’s what our centerpiece looked like.  (I don’t know about the rose petals either.)


We hope to see you again soon, National Book Awards!