We went to TCAF!

Here is a picture of Toronto when we arrived.  It rained on us!

TCAF_2013 001

One of the first things we got to see when we got there was the convention program, with art by Maurice Vellekoop.  It was very attractive!

TCAF_2013 002

And here’s the whole skid of programs that showed up at Little Island.  Luckily there were TCAF minions to unpack them!

TCAF_2013 003

We showed up in the library before TCAF opened on Saturday to take this picture especially for you.  Notice how there are banners of the posters from the former years all around the outside wall of the second floor.  Neat, eh?

TCAF_2013 004

Then TCAF opened and many more people showed up.

TCAF_2013 007

Zack Giallongo with his book Broxo!

TCAF_2013 005

Zack had made heatpads of one of the animals in his book — Migo, the snowbeast!  Apparently if snowbeasts get very warm, they smell like mint.  Who knew?

TCAF_2013 006

We tried to get a good picture of Lucy Knisley, the author of Relish: My Life in the Kitchen, but she kept being surrounded by babies.  Babies!  They have thwarted us for the last time.  We shall not be so cavalierly set aside by them at our next convention.

TCAF_2013 009

Here is a picture of Faith Erin Hicks’ table, with her TCAF debut book Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong at it.