Meet Damian Alexander, creator of Other Boys!

What initially drew you to comics?
I think what really drew me to comics was being able to tell a story visually. I used to write traditional prose a lot more, but I always found myself frustrated because I couldn’t directly show readers what I wanted them to see. The visuals also allow you to sneak in little extras in the background that aren’t super important to the story, but add a lot of extra depth.

What was the inspiration behind Other Boys?
I kept making little comics about my childhood that I posted online and they kept getting comments and likes. Some even went viral! Other Boys ended up expanding off of those little stories.

What scene or panel sequence did you most enjoy drawing?
I really enjoyed drawing the early childhood pages. I was very expressive and emotional as a little kid and I love drawing faces. Which is probably why Other Boys is filled with close up panels. I also loved wider images where I could sprinkle little bits of nostalgia in the background that I think people close in age to me will appreciate.

About the Book

Other Boys