Check out REVIEW THIS ONLINE‘s for a very cool attack on First Second:

The Audacity of First Second: Lazy Monday Fake Controversy

The gall of these people at First Second. They give us a funny, kid-friendly graphic novel in The Professor’s Daughter, the book that launched the careers of the now internationally famous Joann Sfar and Emmanuel Guibert. And then they turn around and give us The Black Diamond Detective Agency by Eddie Campbell, with explosions and blood and violence and whatnot, as exemplified in this horribly professional and terribly interesting trailer for the book.

What is wrong with First Second? They can’t decide what number to stick with for the name of their publishing company, and then they can’t decide on an audience, either. What? Do they think they can do whatever the heck they like in amazingly cool formats and layouts without drawing down the wrath of readers who might just prefer to be given same-old same-old?! On this Monday, I choose to rail against the professionalism and diversity of First Second, a publishing imprint that has taken the graphic novel world by storm over the last year. What cheek, say I.