[Doodles & Dailies Note: when Eddie sent in this blog entry, he clearly hadn’t seen the latest star review for his FATE OF THE ARTIST, this time in PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY. You need a subscription to read the whole thing online. I have one, but can’t seem to access the &$%#@ thing.)

Diary of an author, waiting. part 9

While i wait for my book, The Fate of the Artist, to come out in May, I search for early sightings of it in the form of reviews. Don’t believe an author who says they don’t read the reviews. We’re all rampant but insecure egotists who start the day by googling our own names. I enjoy the sight of those words Eddie Campbell so much that I have even read many of the entries on Eddie C. Campbell, the blues musician. I have a passing familiarity with his oeuvre without having heard a note of it.

While searching I read the PW comics week’s review of the upcoming autobiographical graphic novel Fun Home from the excellent  Alison Bechdel. It sounds like a childhood haunted by jarring incident

“His (her father’s) court trial over his dealings with a young boy pushes aside the importance of her early teen years. Her coming out is pushed aside by his death, probably a suicide.”

Fun Home 


I thank Fate that my own story has been so relatively free of incident that I have largely had to make it all up. With three teenage offspring I constantly long for an uneventful week, since even the smallest occurrence usually requires me to dip my hand in my wallet. 

Anyway, it sure looks like it’s going to be an excellent year for the graphic novel. Just be patient. I see Alison’s book is due to come out in June. She’s got even longer to wait than I have.