Scott McCloud was at NYU and I missed it.

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY COMICS WEEK has a nice little report about it here, with an excerpt which naturally caught my eye:

Despite the current popularity and media attention given to comics—”we’ve moved up the food chain and pretty much infiltrated every major media outlet”—McCloud still warned of a possible “backlash” against the current media enthusiasm for comics. He referred to the recent online criticism of the nomination of Gene Yang’s American Born Chinese for a National Book Award. “That’s the shot across the bow,” McCloud observed. “It won’t be the last.”

But McCloud predicted that the comics medium would continue to evolve rapidly. He said that the influx of manga into the American market, the rise of conventional graphic novels and the growth of Web comics would each have major impact on the “changing landscape” of comics. And with all three influences operating at once, McCloud said, there is “no telling what comics will look like in 15 years.”

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