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All around America, I’ve been meeting independent booksellers, large and small. Some of those who’ve jumped into the Graphic Novel adventure have been very pleasantly surprised! Others aren’t sure, or haven’t made it work yet, and are wondering what to do. For those, we’re putting together a special pamphlet we’ll update every so often, called:

(drumroll please)

STARTING OR IMPROVING YOUR GRAPHIC NOVEL SECTION download it just click the above link.

…and in this mighty little document, we’ve put together a selection for four different age categories, of just a few Graphic Novel titles that are true gems. And hey, this isn’t just some ploy to promote First Second — it’s a ploy to promote First Second AND a bunch of other works we believe in, from Top Shelf, Oni Press, Marvel, DC, Slave Labor, AiT/Planet Lar,Pantheon, Houghton Mifflin, S&S, Drawn & Quarterly, NBM and Fantagraphics, and others too.

Try these, O valiant bookseller, if you’re not sure where to start — and watch as your amazed customers gasp at the knowledgeable staff’s picks, and return with droves of their friends!

Think we’re kidding? Try, please! And let us know how it goes at …

And you, who aren’t a bookseller: does your local bookstore have an eye-popping, jaw-dropping, mouth-watering, well-lit and friendly Graphic Novel aisle? Or do they need help getting current? Tell them about this!