For those of you in NYC:

There’s a two month solo exhibit featuring the work of Paul Pope, illustrator, graphic novelist,
and general comic book legend.

It’s at the Diesel Denim Gallery
68 Greene Street between Spring & Broome in Soho

Paul Pope has often been called the Jim Morrison of American comics, but also other things, like Pulp Hope, Pee-Pee and others. One of the most heralded graphic novelist of his generation, Paul’s art has a unique blend of American energy, European storytelling and Japanese brushstroke. He actually worked for Kodansha in Japan.   If you’re not familiar with his work, there’s plenty to discover, from his acclaimed “100%” to HEAVY LIQUID, to his martian epic THB.


And what’s he doing with FIRST SECOND, many have asked, even from far flung places… It’s still under wraps, but the title and a few juicy drawings have leaked out already: it’s called BATTLING BOY, and it’s going to be an event.

This solo exhibition will display his original works including sketches, single hand-drawn illustrations, original excerpts from his published comics, never-before-seen work from his upcoming ‘Year 100 Batman’ graphic novel.

The exhibition runs until October 30th. Not to be missed.