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(An editorial cartoon from Lat, from the beginning of 2007 -- click to enlarge) CAMPBELL: A couple of the books I have here are collections of your newspaper cartoons. We would probably refer to them as ‘political cartoons’. I would imagine this is your ‘bread and butter’ work, but I’ve read that you don’t think [...]

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Eddie Campbell interviews Mohammed Nor Khalid, aka LAT, author of KAMPUNG BOY, and the upcoming TOWN BOY. Lat is revered throughout Southeast Asia for his work of many years as the greatest cartoonist from Malaysia. First Second is honored to launch its author on author interviews with this gem in three parts -- special thanks [...]

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First Second into its second year

Hi there! I'm back after a little interlude. Spent much of my holiday break designing the sequel to Lat's KAMPUNG BOY -- this next one is called TOWN BOY, and it's magnificent! Watch this space for more to come about it, in coming blog postings... ...including a new feature we're inaugurating here, of First Second [...]

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Malaysian cartoonist Lat is no stranger to awards and recognition — they've been raining down on him for many years, mostly in Southeast Asia... Here now some award news from the USA, not one, not two, but three marks of distinction have just been bestowed on KAMPUNG BOY! 1. Kampung Boy has been named an [...]

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Quick Shots

THE BEAT reports about Eddie Campbell and Paul Pope both blogging: The recently started blogs of Paul Pope and Eddie Campbell are enough to make you think they have taken on new careers. Both are prodigious bloggers. Certainly both are among the most well-defined personas in the comics world, although as long-time self-publishing graphic novelists, [...]

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Fresh Gene Yang interview and a misty-eyed moment or two

Check it out! It's at THE TRADES He even says nice things about First Second! Things like: Jonathan: First Second is a new graphic novel publisher. Do you have any opinions on them to share? Gene: They are beautiful, beautiful people. They're like fairy godmothers, they're so good. Sometimes I find it hard to believe [...]

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