Comics & Prison

Are you a teenager and worried about what might happen if you get arrested?  Well, now there is a comic that gives you a step-by-step run-down of how it works and what your options are.  There is even an instructive flow-chart! This comic is made even better by the fact that it is drawn by [...]

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Reading (and then) Remembering How to Breathe

[Danica Novgorodoff on Refresh, Refresh and other things]I know I’m supposed to write about my new graphic novel, Refresh, Refresh. But what I really want to talk about is The Collected Stories of Amy Hempel. I’m only on page 58 and I want to ride the subway from Brooklyn to the Bronx to Manhattan to [...]

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Danica Novgorodoff — Book Launch

To Do This Weekend: Danica Novgorodoff at RocketshipDanica Novgorodoff will be launching her latest graphic novel, Refresh, Refresh, at Rocketship this Saturday at 8:00.  Danica herself will be on hand to be talented, thoughtful, and perhaps even sign books!  [Rocketship is at 208 Smith Street in Brooklyn, NY.  They're about a block away from the [...]

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Danica Novgorodoff — Exhibit Opening

(click for larger)Danica Novgorodoff, the creator of the excellent Slow Storm and the forthcoming Refresh, Refresh (October) will have a show at Charmingwall Gallery in NYC that opens this Saturday.  Check it out!  Since it's all Danica's artwork, we can guarantee that everything is going to be gorgeous.

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A Storm of Reviews for Danica Novgorodoff’s Debut Graphic Novel

Danica is in Louisville, Kentucky today (at Carmichael's Bookstore) and in Chicago at Quimby's on Saturday.  “What stands out about Novgorodoff's book are the artistry of its pages -- the fine-art edge her watercolors give to illustrations that help propel the story line -- and the human themes of loneliness, spiritual meaning and connection to [...]

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On the road

From the drawing board of Danica Novgorodoff I remember someone saying that there are two kinds of stories – those about leaving home and those about returning home.  I don’t know if I agree with that (there must be a million kinds of story), but it does seem like most of my writing is about [...]

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ALEXIS SIEGEL "Translation Guru" From the first second I knew First Second had to be highly international. That's meant fostering a talent pool from all around the world, and putting every possible care into our translations. My brother Alexis works at the U.N. as a translator, and many of you have read his work on [...]

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HILARY SYCAMORE "The Color Farm" Hilary runs her color farm "Sky Blue Ink" out of Tennessee, but her assistants aren't only from her neighborhood; they live as far as England and New Zealand. She's taught and researched color theory and color therapy, and you'll be seeing lots more of her magic in coming seasons. Her [...]

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