B.B.LEAKS! Leaked cables and snapshots of BATTLING BOY, from Paul Pope's studio A new regular feature on the First Second blog! The closely guarded secrets of Paul Pope's studio, released in a controversial leak, include cell-phone snapshots by an unnamed intern, taken at great risk! This is the first such photo, with ink barely dry [...]

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Paul Pope news release in VARIETY this week: Paramount and Brad Pitt's Plan B Productions team up to bring BATTLING BOY to the silver screen. Read here.And a piece in the last PUBLISHERS WEEKLY COMICS WEEK:Pope said now more than anything he wants to focus on "optimistic work," particularly his ongoing series THB and Battling Boy, an all-ages [...]

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PAUL POPE Guest blogger

It's tough to write about a work in progress, in fact, it is perhaps wiser not to do so. If it were easier to communicate the ideas and intentions you are trying to convey with a story, you'd probably be able to skip writing the story altogether and just tell it to people, like you [...]

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From the Drawing Board of Paul Pope

For most of the history of American comics, storytellers have had to structure their tales in episodic chunks of narrative, their plotlines unfolding in serialized chapters from month to month. This was due to the nature of magazine publishing and the requirements of the marketplace, conditions which inadvertently influenced the medium in significant ways. As [...]

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PAUL POPE’s new THB release at SAN DIEGO

And where to read all about it? Why at AIN'T IT COOL NEWS, of course, from the amazing Alexandra DuPont herself: Alexandra DuPont. Heiress. Supermodel. Girlfriend to rock stars and federal politicians. Very tall nudist. She's the cutest thing alive and returns to AICN now to talk about “THB: Comics From Mars"! This is not [...]

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ALEXIS SIEGEL "Translation Guru" From the first second I knew First Second had to be highly international. That's meant fostering a talent pool from all around the world, and putting every possible care into our translations. My brother Alexis works at the U.N. as a translator, and many of you have read his work on [...]

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HILARY SYCAMORE "The Color Farm" Hilary runs her color farm "Sky Blue Ink" out of Tennessee, but her assistants aren't only from her neighborhood; they live as far as England and New Zealand. She's taught and researched color theory and color therapy, and you'll be seeing lots more of her magic in coming seasons. Her [...]

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