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Reading Comics in Public

Saturday was Read Comics in Public Day, created by the lovely and talented Brian Heater and Sarah Morean.In honor of this, picture!* *We're cheating: this picture was not actually taken on Saturday.  But I feel that  of everything in our archive, it best captures the spirit of public reading. 

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Jane in California wrote to us, asking us to tell Emmanuel Guibert that she loves the Sardine books and to please hurry up and make her a movie too. We passed on the message. And here's what Emmanuel sent back: And Jane was thrilled: ... and when she found out Emmanuel lived in Paris she [...]

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Blue Bandana Kampung Boy Reader — WANTED

This letter just came in... If anyone knows who the KAMPUNG BOY reader was on the F-train, please let us know at mail@firstsecondbooks.com and we'll put you in touch with Kashminder who wants to say thank you: Hello: My name is Kash and I met a woman on April 9th on the F-Train around 7pm [...]

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Who reads :01 books?

Apparenty, Edward J. Grugg III does, and it's in his online comic on Web Comics Nation . . . And since we give away one of our books to anyone who's portrait of an :01 reader we post online (photo or comic) -- Edward, please let us know which title you'd like sent to you.

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