Working with Sara Varon is a fascinating experience. She thinks and draws and tells stories like no one I know.


Our first book together was Robot Dreams—a beloved title in places far and wide. It's one of the few books to have been reviewed as children's, teen's and as adult's reading.


There once were two librarians sitting at a table arguing about where Robot Dreams should be shelved. One, a children's librarian, was making a case for it as an early reader, wordless but challenging, a pitch-perfect children's book. The other, an adult librarian, said "You can't fully understand this book if you haven't been through a messy divorce!"


Sara Varon doesn't recycle other people's ideas. She draws from her own well-spring, and it's kooky, unpredictable and brilliant. I think she's what is called a true artist.


And BAKE SALE is the latest wonder to come from that well-spring. It's out now, in the big outer world, from Sara's inner world.