Shackleton is here!

Nick Bertozzi is one of the great living talents of our times—and a passionate, feverish history buff with an abiding love for the great explorers. He gave us Lewis and Clark, which Ken Burns called “a wonderful introduction to one of the most important expeditions and dramatic stories in American history.” And continuing on his quest, another epic and most astonishing exploration comes to life under his pen: Ernest Shackleton’s antarctic odyssey. Bertozzi’s work joins the canon of Shackleton literature—not to be missed!


“… bleakness is offset by Bertozzi’s depiction of the tenacity, camaraderie, and humor of the men, and it’s that spotlighting of the crew’s unwavering humanity in the face of icy doom that sets this book apart.”– STARRED REVIEW PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

“Rather than standing apart and narrating, Bertozzi tells it as though you’ve gotten in the boat with them. It’s personal, jovial, exciting, and when the stakes are high, it’s cold, uncertain, and exhausting. We get to know Shackleton and his crew; we want them to succeed.” —KATE BEATON, Hark, A Vagrant!