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In Conversation with :01 Associate Editor Robyn Chapman

We're delighted to talk with our new :01 Associate Editor about all things comics! What was the first comic you remember reading? Probably Calvin and Hobbes. It's certainly the first comic I remember loving. What about comics inspires you? It's a very personal form of visual storytelling. If you want to make a movie, for [...]

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Nick Bertozzi brings Shackleton alive

Shackleton is here! Nick Bertozzi is one of the great living talents of our times—and a passionate, feverish history buff with an abiding love for the great explorers. He gave us Lewis and Clark, which Ken Burns called "a wonderful introduction to one of the most important expeditions and dramatic stories in American history." And continuing [...]

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  This is a crown-jewel in Danica Novgorodoff's body of work—you can be sure you've never read or seen anything like this. We're immensely proud to release this one—and how about that Sergio Leone cover, to boot?   "A vast, dangerous tale… Novgorodoff has created a world filled with ghosts, regrets, dreams, and love." —Brian [...]

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First Second Picture Books

Since its inception, First Second has been defined by graphic novels spanning all age and genre categories, from pre-school nursery rhymes to adult non-fiction and everything in between. We live in an unprecedented creative explosion for the graphic novel medium, and season after season, First Second has grown into a home for the best creators [...]

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  Congratulations, Derek Kirk Kim and Les McClaine ! The second TUNE book picks up where TUNE 1 left off: in a mess of inter-personal and inter-dimensional trouble—can't say that about too many other series! Pick this one up, you are in for a treat, from two virtuoso talents of the comics world—and if you haven't [...]


I'm very, very, very happy for this book to be released today. It's October 8th, 2013, the day Paul Pope's BATTLING BOY is cut loose into the world. Years ago, before launching First Second Books, before I knew Paul's work, I was at Jim Hanley's Universe, one of America's greatest comics shops, at the foot [...]

Boaz Yakin and Nick Bertozzi team up for the epic JERUSALEM

THOUGH NO STRANGER TO COMICS, Boaz Yakin is better known to the world of movies. My first introduction to him was through Fresh. One of my favorite movies. Since then, Yakin has written and directed many films with the likes of Denzel Washington, Renée Zellweger and Jason Stratham, working on blockbusters and indy pictures both. Our [...]

An Appreciation: Aaron Renier’s WALKER BEAN

I first came across Aaron Renier's work in Spiral Bound, and with it developed an instant affection for his storytelling. I loved the readability and distinctness of his characters, the rambunctious, breathless pacing of the adventure, and the unique mix of influences that lends Renier's work an instantly familiar mood. When he joined First Second [...]

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