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November 12, 2013
Posted by: Mark Siegel
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  Congratulations, Derek Kirk Kim and Les McClaine ! The second TUNE book picks up where TUNE 1 left off: in a mess of inter-personal and inter-dimensional trouble—can’t say that about too many other series! Pick this one up, you are in for a treat, from two virtuoso talents of the comics world—and if you haven’t Read the Rest…

October 28, 2013
Posted by: Mark Siegel
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  Paul Pope works in batches of seven pages. These thumbnails are his guides as he pencils and inks at his drawing table… The mythic Battling Boy continues apace!

I’m very, very, very happy for this book to be released today. It’s October 8th, 2013, the day Paul Pope‘s BATTLING BOY is cut loose into the world. Years ago, before launching First Second Books, before I knew Paul’s work, I was at Jim Hanley’s Universe, one of America’s greatest comics shops, at the foot Read the Rest…

September 10, 2013
Posted by: Mark Siegel
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    Every so often a book comes along that is simply—NEW. Not a repeat, not an echo of anything else. Something drawn from a well-spring all its own. Gene Yang’s newest book, Boxers & Saints, is such a work. In two volumes that can be read separately and together, Boxers & Saints has the humor and Read the Rest…

January 8, 2013
Posted by: Mark Siegel
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Congratulations, Jane Yolen and Mike Cavallaro, working their magic to even greater power! KIRKUS: “En garde! Gear up for more sword fights and trolls as well as an appearance from Baba Yaga in this swashbuckling sequel.” PUBLISHERS WEEKLY: “… Aliera is such an engaging hero…” You are in for a treat!

September 20, 2012
Posted by: Mark Siegel
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Oh for time travel! How I wish I could get all the ADVENTURES IN CARTOONING books back to my seven-year-old self! Here comes the latest offering from James Sturm, Alexis-Frederic Frost, and Andrew Arnold! This holiday season, give the gift of zany inspiration to that young, undiscovered cartoonist. It’s all you expect of that brave and Read the Rest…

ALEXIS SIEGEL “Translation Guru” From the first second I knew First Second had to be highly international. That’s meant fostering a talent pool from all around the world, and putting every possible care into our translations. My brother Alexis works at the U.N. as a translator, and many of you have read his work on Read the Rest…

HILARY SYCAMORE “The Color Farm” Hilary runs her color farm “Sky Blue Ink” out of Tennessee, but her assistants aren’t only from her neighborhood; they live as far as England and New Zealand. She’s taught and researched color theory and color therapy, and you’ll be seeing lots more of her magic in coming seasons. Her Read the Rest…

GINA GAGLIANO “Buzz Maker” As :01’s Marketing Associate, Gina works with Lauren to make sure you know about us. And if there’s a comic Gina’s never heard of, then it probably doesn’t exist.

DANICA NOVGORODOFF Art & Design Adventures Danica actually wore that red cape when she won the Isotope Award for her mini-comic A LATE FREEZE. When she isn’t working on her own projects, she’s busy designing a zillion things for :01, including some of our best covers.