Every so often a book comes along that is simply—NEW. Not a repeat, not an echo of anything else. Something drawn from a well-spring all its own.

Gene Yang’s newest book, Boxers & Saints, is such a work.

In two volumes that can be read separately and together, Boxers & Saints has the humor and the pathos, the thrills and the wit Gene Yang’s readers have come to expect ever since American Born Chinese.

Add to this history with an epic sweep, ancient Gods, religious visions, unforgettable characters and a universal portrait of a descent into extremism—and Boxers & Saints is curiously vital to our times, on top of being a delicious treat of a read.


Five Starred Reviews, and:
“Masterful.” –Dave Eggers
“Read this, and come away shaking.” –Gary Schmidt
“Remarkable.” –The Guardian

Boxers & Saints

By Gene Luen Yang