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I'm very, very, very happy for this book to be released today. It's October 8th, 2013, the day Paul Pope's BATTLING BOY is cut loose into the world. Years ago, before launching First Second Books, before I knew Paul's work, I was at Jim Hanley's Universe, one of America's greatest comics shops, at the foot [...]

Peeking in the studio

I always relish the glimpses into an artist's process. Like these shots of Vera Brosgol's arsenal of tools for Anya's Ghost: or her tiny Moleskine thumbnails and character studies: Or how about this little piece of Art magic from Emmanuel Guibert, on Alan's War: Would you like to see more of these "peeks from the drawing [...]


FREE GIVEAWAY! We have FIVE PAIRS OF FREE INVITATIONS to the New York City private screening of GAINSBOURG: A HEROIC LIFE—Joann Sfar's first feature-length movie! WHEN: Wednesday, August 24th @ 7 PM WHERE:  New Museum — 235 Bowery (between Stanton + Rivington), NYC  This is a private, invitation-only event. IF YOU ARE ONE OF THE FIRST FIVE TO [...]

Lost (but very neat) Things

I know that this is a train I should have caught months and months ago, but at least I have caught up appropriately now! Shaun Tan's The Lost Thing.  Go and watch it now; it has the cutest steampunk teapot/cthulhu you will ever see.  Also it won an Oscar last night!  A surprising example of [...]

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The Dim Glow

[From the Drawing Board of Leland Purvis] A visual trope in comics graphics is the ‘glow, or ‘halo’. Some artists I know simply like the effect. Many aspiring comics artists seem to use it, and over-use it, simply because they never thought not to. This thoughtlessness, however, has caused a great deal of trouble and [...]

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Vampire Creator

[From the Drawing Board of Warren Pleece] Reading some of the reviews for my new books recently, First Second’s very own Life Sucks, with ultra talented duo, Jessica Abel and Gabe Soria (buy, buy, buy) and Incognegro, written by the very talented Mat Johnson (DC Vertigo-buy it now, too), I felt a little put out [...]

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Do Something Boring*

[From the desk of Gabe Soria] "The Rut" – it sounds like an epic boogie rock instrumental, doesn't it? A real choogly Leslie West-meets-Billy Squier jam. Well, I wish it was. To me, though, it's a daily challenge that I have to strive to get over. Most of us "creatives" probably have a similar story. [...]

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Why Sketch?

[From the Drawing Board of Nick Abadzis] A cartoonist friend of mine once told me about another cartoonist friend of his who sneered at the idea of spending time doing life drawing. This isn’t from the horse’s mouth, you understand, so it could be a wind-up, as I have difficulty imagining a cartoonist who would [...]

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Over My Shoulder

[From the Drawing Board of Leland Myrick] Illustrating a biography is different from anything else I've done -- exhilarating and frightening at once. Usually when I am writing or drawing, I feel quite alone with my work, sitting or standing at my drawing table out in my studio. But the project I'm working on now, [...]

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There’s No Such Thing as a Graphic Novel

[From the drawing board of Cyril Pedrosa] That was probably a bad way to start my blog entry. I already regret it bitterly. I would've been better off talking about the arrival of spring or rambling about French trains. Telling you that I'm uncomfortably seated on seat 27, aisle side, heading towards a small town [...]

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