It’s been a while since we did a round-up of places where you can find us on the internet, so here we go!

In case any of you are confused about where you are reading this: the first place you can find us is on this blog!  It is at, and it is full of weekly pieces about the books we’re publishing, things we’re doing or thinking about, and conventions that we’re involved in.  Sometimes there are pictures!

We’re also on Twitter.  We talk about publishing and sometimes interesting media things that are occurring for our authors and announce give-aways and take pictures of interesting food that we’re eating.  You can follow us there at @01FirstSecond.

We’ve got a Facebook account as well.  That’s new for us this year, so it’s still a work in progress.  On Facebook you’ll find information about shortly-upcoming events, pictures of authors or events or interesting book-related things, recaps of recent :01 book-related media, and sometimes behind-the-scenes glimpses into what we’re working on in our offices.  You can find us (and like us, hopefully!) on Facebook at

And we’re on Goodreads.  For those of you less familiar with this very specific social network, Goodreads is an online social home specifically for readers.  We use this account to talk about what we’re reading and what we like, and also talk about how the books that we’re publishing are wonderful.  Here’s the URL for that:

We’ve also got a YouTube channel.  That’s less frequently updated than the other places — because we don’t have videos all that often — but it still has some fun things to watch.  You can find all our videos at:

Are you looking for less news-y, more information-y pages about First Second?  Check out the website that our parent company, Macmillan hosts for us at  That’s got a page about every book we’re publishing with useful information like publication date, price, page count, book summary, and an excerpt.  It’s also got short author bios, which are also useful!

And that’s the roll-call!