Haven’t blogged much here lately. My doodles are often done on airplanes, so perhaps more of those when I get traveling again, a lot, starting next month. It’s been fairly hectic at First Second, as we’ve all been busy with the Spring 07 books (and what a load of treats are in store, I promise.)

A couple things to mention: one, among the things I enjoy about this job is the odd drawing authors send along with their correspondance. Do you know the phenomenal French author Christophe Blain? He’s one of my all-time favorite talents, and the creator of ISAAC THE PIRATE which was released in the U.S. by NBM.

For First Second, he’s drumming up an epic western called Gus — filled with action, love affairs, and closer in tone to Buster Keaton than to Sergio Leone. It’s going to be grand.

Christophe, like other foreign authors, has had to file paperwork with the I.R.S. in order to get paid. It’s taken forever, but he finally got his form W-8 BEN to us, and with it, came this little gem: